About me

My name is Rosely Rodriguez, I recently finished my career and I can say I have pursued my dream as a technology educator. I completed my MEd In the School of Education at Pace University. In addition, I am the technical  Business Technology Team Leader  in a large corporation in New York where I train, assist, and help colleagues as well as the Information Technology team with questions, concerns and technical software problems and escalation. I  believe it’s never late to learn. Learning is an ongoing process and we learn new things everyday from the moment we open our eyes every morning. I am a new blogger! I want to be able to share my experiences and what I have learned with others


Besides educational technology, I love writing any ideas, positive thoughts or quotations that come to my mind, therefore, I thought this was the best way to enhance and exercise my brain. In addition, I enjoy meeting new people and learning from them, everyone has a happy and a sad story to tell, sharing stories is good for your soul and I believe that when you put your stories and ideas in writing, they become realistic. I consider myself a child of God, I am thankful for every little particle of my self, my family, all the wonderful things I have achieved, and what God has made possible for me to own. 

Hope you enjoy my page!


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