Considering Education Technology based on both my own experiences as well as the critiques of others.

Educational technology has revolutionized our culture and the way we learn ever since the mid 1990s when the rise of the internet and World Wide Web started. Since then, I believe education has improved and changed the way we learn and it has impacted both student and teachers. Based on my experiences, educational technology is considered the main tool not only in the classroom but in great organizations around the world, all systems designs, new implementations, support and maintenance are based on educational technology in order to have business continuity. Moreover, educational technology has improved education in the classroom; because of technology, students learn quickly through more visuals, electronic books, social media, educational and interactive games, and online learning provides people the opportunity to learn from home, interact and think globally.

 On the other hand, not all educators and parents consider educational technology a great tool, they believe education should stay traditional, using pen, paper, reading hard copies of books, doing the math without going online, and think and analyze on your own without the use of Google help, but fortunately, technology is here to stay. Some blame technology as the reason why a large amount of students opt to drop out, and would not engage in learning blaming  social networks and the abusive use of cell phones in the classroom. Some educators consider technology as a threat and their jobs being in jeopardy, because with so much information out there, students may learn on their own. As parents and educators, we must not fear technology; we must learn to understand what bothers us so much about it and face those fears.

 Jason Ohler’s Digital Community Digital Citizen points out some of those fears: ubiquity, invasiveness, vulnerability, amplification, reduction, misreality, resocialization, and even dehumanization and in regards to that is obsolescence, the fear to be overtaken by machines. In my opinion, we need to take advantage of it, see it and use it responsibly as technology is reinventing education in a way we can all benefit and balance both the traditional way with the new learning opportunities the digital age is giving us.


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