Technology in today’s classroom: Are you a tech savvy teacher?


Technology has changed the way the world functions on a daily basis, but what about education? Education has been affected by the increase of technology in the United States. This change has not been well-accepted by some members of the educational community. This article seeks to focus on the benefits of technology, as well as some issues that surround teachers and technology.

When most of today’s teachers were in school, technology was not available like it is now. Schools didn’t have internet, smart boards, or none of the tools to enhance this new learning experience. Today, even the youngest children are able to manipulate technology in and out the classroom. The school system has been through drastic reformation in a very short time because of the advances of technology that we enjoy today, and with this change comes alteration on the job description of teachers.

According to the national education technology standards, teachers are to exhibit knowledge and skills of an innovative professional in a digital society. Therefore, teachers are to embrace technology and the benefits it has to offer so that they can meet the needs of new digital learners.

Despite the advantages technology has to offer, many teachers are still resistant to technology use in the classroom. There are many reasons why teachers resist technology. The most prevalent reason is that they fear they will look stupid in front of their tech-savvy students, this may cause the teacher to feel insecure and intimidated by technology use.

Teachers resistant to technology can also be caused by a lack of professional development regarding the use of technology, as well as technical support for troubleshooting problems.  Teachers who are properly trained to use technology are more likely to integrate it in everyday lessons than teachers who do not have this kind of support.  The integration of technology into the classroom setting allows teachers the benefit of connecting with students providing a new learning experience the students can relate.

Technology has been proven to aid in learning when integrated into the curriculum in a meaningful way. It has truly changed the educational experience for students with disabilities. New technology has allowed students with special needs to make miraculous gains that would not otherwise have been possible, because of this; teachers may be able to use technology to help students with special needs make academic progress.

By popular demand, a new kind of teacher is on the rise in today’s teaching economy. In the next 20 years, the educational system will see a drastic increase in the amount of technology used in the classroom as well as a change in teachers’ attitudes toward technology. As baby boomer teachers retire and are replaced by new teachers, technology will become more prevalent as well as more instrumental in the educational system.

Although technology can be very beneficial to both teachers and students, it can also be a challenge for many teachers.

As both a technology teacher and a support person I will like to leave you with some technology advices that may be beneficial to you and your classroom:

  1. If everything fails, restart it! Many times simply rebooting the computer will remedy all problems the device is having.
  2. Ask a student for help Students today are very tech-savvy, this generation is made of gamers, my space junkies and internet specialists.
  3. Before you call for help, make sure everything is plugged in! The Number one technology complains I receive are connection problems.
  4. Be patient! Please note that tech-support people are overworked and underpaid, it’s important for teachers to know these limitations and be patient with technology personnel.
  5. Learn as much as you can! The more you can do by yourself, the more confident you will feel using technology. Technology is an asset to any classroom and a tech-savvy teacher can accomplish more than others who don’t use it. Remember that practice makes perfect and the more you use technology the more you will enjoy it.

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