Screencasting For Educators

After reviewing for the first time to work on a project, I realized this is a great tool for teachers to incorporate in the classroom with their students, and for students to learn about narrating their own videos and even PowerPoint presentations.
This tool can be more challenging than podcasting, because you will need your video to be created in a specific format in order to upload it, otherwise it will not display properly, there is also limitations in terms of video space, your video must be 100 MB otherwise you need to download another tool in order to upload your video to However, regardless of its minor challenges, this tool was extremely beneficial to me, not only allowed me to practice narration, but it also enhanced my creativity by thinking about several choices and new ideas to create a movie clip. facilitates teacher’s presentations and lesson plans by incorporating visuals into their lesson plans, or just showing a video or webpage of any particular subject of their choice. It was the first time I used Windows Movie Maker to create a video, and I feel it was somewhat challenging because of the microphone sound, the quality was quite low and it was too much background noise. Overall, gives us the opportunity to showcase our ideas, it was a great experience for me because I consider myself a visual learner, and these kind of tools not only enhance student’s visual analytical skills, but they helps educators by facilitating and adjusting lesson strategies according to the student’s needs either visually or orally.

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