Meet Lucia Rodriguez: Designer and Sister

Regardless of our “bad experiences” getting married is every woman’s dream. In spite of repeating in our heads that marriage no longer exists,  we still dream about marrying a special someone. Today, most girls say there are no men like back in the days; those who romantically conquered women to make them their wives. However, despite all these thoughts we all want to experience that special day, the day we wear that beautiful wedding gown that will make us look like a princess beside our prince. Today I want to say that if you are one of those lucky girls about to realize your dream, it’s time to start thinking about that fabulous wedding dress. Getting the right dress is quite challenging because you will wear it only once, this is your dream, to be a princess for a day.


Today I want you to meet Lucia Rodriguez, sister, and talented fashion designer specializing in custom wedding dresses. At a very young age, Lucia started her passion for fashion modeling. Native from Bonao, Dominican Republic, she was only 14 years old when she began her fashion studies in our native country. Upon complexion of her studies and graduation, she migrated to the United States in order to pursue her dreams within the fashion industry and modeling world. I am writing about her not only because she is my sister, but because many women like you are saying it, they have been princesses for a day, wearing a gorgeous customized dress designed by Lucia. I don’t have to write much in my own words, but if I finally made you curious please feel free to visit her website to find out more about her story and amazing line, or better yet, to book an appointment at her New York City location and meet her in person. Lucia Rodriguez NYC also on Facebook and Twitter.lucia

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