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Black Christmas: A List of Ho-Ho-Horror Movies

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It is getting darker and colder as we approach the end of the year.  These are the nights that should be filled with holiday cocktails and our most beloved Christmas movies.  I want to remind everyone that in addition to the classic films out, there are also plenty of Christmas horror movies they can watch this year.  Nothing complements a Christmas horror movie like donning a Santa hat, either.  There are still 12 days left!  I will do my best to list enough Christmas horror movies to satiate your inner demonic elf!  I am going to focus on my favorite film of the season: Black Christmas (2006).  Check out the trailer here!  It was released on Christmas Day and many Christian groups were outraged at the “insensitivity” by doing so.


I like the original 1974 version and the 2006 version.  I tend to watch the remake more often than the…

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My Fascination with Horror Movies

 I have always wondered why I crave so much for horror movies. Ever since I was a young and innocent little girl, I tended to get scared of any unusual noise or other simple activities such as listening to scary tales and stories told in the neighborhood. Some of these stories, according to my friends, were not even scary. To me they were. In my hometown, back in the Dominican Republic, my parents said they heard a singing voice in front of the house, by a tree.


The singing voice belonged to a female, and the voice sang “I want to go to heaven” and repeated this phrase over and over. I never heard anything, but just the fact that everyone was talking about it frightened me. Once I grew up and became an adult, I realized how much I enjoy horror movies, although they still scare me. When I opt for a horror movie, I know I will be scared from the very beginning, but that’s one of the best feelings I get to enjoy. Consequently, it brings me childhood memories; when I used to sit, watch, and then cover my face. I would not want to look, but then I finally did. I heard some girl’s distorted voice telling me to look, and I felt like if I was watching a real-life story. Today, once a horror movie is over, I get up from the seat and all my fears and emotions felt during the film just vanish.

Being fascinated with horror movies in particular makes me believe that we all have a shadow on our souls that we may reject or deny, but it is there. Therefore, we are drawn to stories that put us in touch with that missing link within our own personalities. I don’t mean to say we are crazy, or serial killers, simply that at times, we would like to have that kind of power. And so, like every audience, we are intrigued by fiction or anything that will release our emotions.

It’s not a Star Trek scene, it’s Microsoft’s HoloLens.

While sitting at home and flipping through channels, I watched the latest Microsoft’s commercial about holographic technology. I started browsing online and did some research about the technology, and I thought “Wow, they did it!” Holograms have been around for many years, however, a selected group of visionaries and technology leaders of Microsoft were the first create a standalone helmet that gives an illusion of a world you can just imagine. On January 22, 2015; Microsoft unveiled ‘HoloLens’ which will basically combine the digital with the physical world. Using advance processors and augmented reality built on Windows 10, HoloLens will allow wearers enhance real world scenarios in 3D.

Official Video

This is a big deal, I started thinking, and how can holograms fit into our world, what are its pros and cons? Think about it, with simple gestures we can unleash our creativity and if used wisely, this will create a big impact in science and education. Holograms can just make learning more fun. Students will experience an unimaginable level of engagement, as teachers will finally be able to replace chalkboards with modern projection screens to bring virtual guest speakers to the classroom using Telepresence Technology. Teleprecense is a form of robotic control that provides the participation of distant people. Students from all over the world will benefit from lessons delivered by teachers remotely. In addition, scientists are and will be able to continue exploring other planets from the comfort of their offices. One example of this is how NASA teamed up with Microsoft to control Curiosity and explore Mars.

All this is amazing news, for the pharmaceutical world, this would bring a tremendous help to surgeons who try to demonstrate a medical procedure to medical students. So then I think, what can be negative about HoloLens? So far, nothing, but there is more to come, HoloLens is now available for developers and organizations only, therefore this technology is still being  carefully reviewed in order to work the way it promises. I am personally excited about the technology; the price range from $3000 to 5000,  definitely worth it when we think about the contribution it will bring to science and education.

Meet Lucia Rodriguez: Designer and Sister

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Regardless of our “bad experiences” getting married is every woman’s dream. In spite of repeating in our heads that marriage no longer exists,  we still dream about marrying a special someone. Today, most girls say there are no men like back in the days; those who romantically conquered women to make them their wives. However, despite all these thoughts we all want to experience that special day, the day we wear that beautiful wedding gown that will make us look like a princess beside our prince. Today I want to say that if you are one of those lucky girls about to realize your dream, it’s time to start thinking about that fabulous wedding dress. Getting the right dress is quite challenging because you will wear it only once, this is your dream, to be a princess for a day.1042

Today I want you to meet Lucia Rodriguez, sister, and talented fashion designer specializing in…

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Judging by Outward Appearances Vs Inner Qualities


1289f61“Never judge a book by it’s cover.” This is an oft-quoted phrase coined to remind us that outward appearances can be deceiving. I am sure that there are people who do, but l find that reading the synopsis is a better indication of value. Don’t get me wrong, a good cover can help a lousy book just like a lousy cover can kill a great book. Years ago, I met this girl who always had this mean look in her face, so mean, I was intimidated and judged her to be unfriendly and not a nice person.

Years later, I found out the girl I judged as unfriendly and mean was actually a Christian, kind-hearted, and compassionate towards elderly people. On the other hand, how can we forget that all that shines is not glitter? I have also met people who smile, are nice to your face, but talk bad about you when you are not around to hear. It’s part of the human nature not to be perfect, and that is perfectly fine. I have learned that just because someone does not act or look like we think they should, we have to assume the worst about them. Instead, we should try to find their inner qualities like compassion, truthfulness, tolerance or even love.

When I give it a deeper thought, I realize most of us ignore the importance of these qualities because we don’t take our time to build valuable relationships and discover both positive and negative emotions we all posses within each other. In order to love and learn from others, we have to love ourselves, then we’ll have the ability to see one another’s soul and see beyond the physical body.

Lastly, compassion, tolerance, and love towards each other is an essecial part of the process. Love is what will make our life complete and will create strong bonds between family and friends. If we could only practice this qualities within us, chances are, we’ll have a better world and we’ll be known as exceptional human beings wherever we go. Life is not perfect, but we can make it perfect and be happy if we decide it.