Black Christmas: A List of Ho-Ho-Horror Movies

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It is getting darker and colder as we approach the end of the year.  These are the nights that should be filled with holiday cocktails and our most beloved Christmas movies.  I want to remind everyone that in addition to the classic films out, there are also plenty of Christmas horror movies they can watch this year.  Nothing complements a Christmas horror movie like donning a Santa hat, either.  There are still 12 days left!  I will do my best to list enough Christmas horror movies to satiate your inner demonic elf!  I am going to focus on my favorite film of the season: Black Christmas (2006).  Check out the trailer here!  It was released on Christmas Day and many Christian groups were outraged at the “insensitivity” by doing so.


I like the original 1974 version and the 2006 version.  I tend to watch the remake more often than the…

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