My Fascination with Horror Movies

 I have always wondered why I crave so much for horror movies. Ever since I was a young and innocent little girl, I tended to get scared of any unusual noise or other simple activities such as listening to scary tales and stories told in the neighborhood. Some of these stories, according to my friends, were not even scary. To me they were. In my hometown, back in the Dominican Republic, my parents said they heard a singing voice in front of the house, by a tree.


The singing voice belonged to a female, and the voice sang “I want to go to heaven” and repeated this phrase over and over. I never heard anything, but just the fact that everyone was talking about it frightened me. Once I grew up and became an adult, I realized how much I enjoy horror movies, although they still scare me. When I opt for a horror movie, I know I will be scared from the very beginning, but that’s one of the best feelings I get to enjoy. Consequently, it brings me childhood memories; when I used to sit, watch, and then cover my face. I would not want to look, but then I finally did. I heard some girl’s distorted voice telling me to look, and I felt like if I was watching a real-life story. Today, once a horror movie is over, I get up from the seat and all my fears and emotions felt during the film just vanish.

Being fascinated with horror movies in particular makes me believe that we all have a shadow on our souls that we may reject or deny, but it is there. Therefore, we are drawn to stories that put us in touch with that missing link within our own personalities. I don’t mean to say we are crazy, or serial killers, simply that at times, we would like to have that kind of power. And so, like every audience, we are intrigued by fiction or anything that will release our emotions.

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