Qualities Of A Good Husband


So I was thinking about one of the biggest challenges most young women face around the world, how to find a good husband. I also realized that most young women around the world do not get enough advice on this important topic, yes, important. Even though most people, men and women do eventually get married, it is unfortunate that most men and women end up with less than ideal partners. Fact is,most men in third world countries are not worth marrying. There may be a few months of bliss, but after that, chances are a woman will be reduced to the position of a man’s work slave.

So why not consider a good husband the one who thinks about you but does NOT love you? It is almost impossible to love a person and think about that person at the same time. Isn’t that the nature of men? I know you may think this is outrageous, but it is the reality we wouldn’t want to admit because its the truth. We never spend time thinking about what is best, whether to be loved , or someone who constantly think about us, cares, and makes sure we are okay. Ever wondered why can a man have several wives and mistresses at the same time? We often wonder how polygamous men are able to distribute love equally to their wives and manage so well.

These marvelous men for sure do not love any of their women, but they always think about them. I think that is the essence of a good husband. He would not marry a woman as result of love, but as a social obligation that should be fulfilled. Somehow women like to feel a bit dominated by their men, specially Latin women, for cultural reasons. Back in the days, men were the ones  supporting our mothers. Therefore, does this imply that the best husband should be a man who is in control? He definitely has to take control of his life, his woman and his family. In other words, he is a decision maker. The best husband supports his family in terms of emotional well-being. He should be able to create a sense of comfort zone around his family. His presence should create a sense of security for his wife and children. He is a thinker, he sees opportunities where none seem to exist but most importantly…he’s gentle, honest, and caring.

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