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The Rhythms of Our Lives

Today, a lot of us, men and women, are not quite sure of what we really want in many situations, and then we end up with the magic word: “I’ll just go with the flow.” As I thought about the reasons why we tend to go with someone else’s flow, I wondered: Does this relate to insecurity, fear of rejection, or is this life flow or life rhythm only connected to women?

In a relationship, men are best known to “go with the flow of things” before thinking about engagements. Sometimes if a girl wants to be “friends only” they will go with this flow. Women on the other hand, put much more effort into trying to figure things out and understand what’s going on.  Women tend to go with the flow with everything else in life. We pay more attention to the seasons, the sun, the moon, the temperature, the melody of flowers in the wind; to see the beauty of the unseen. We feel the tugs and pull the urges of life,men usually pull and resist to these changes.


Women know when it’s time to rest and time to work; time to cry and time to laugh, time to hold and time to let go. I did not need to read The Power of Womanhood or The Fascinating Girl to know that women live their whole lives by rhythms because we are in rhythm with life ourselves. We tend to get affected by daily cycles that guide our energy and moods, which is why we tend to view things more positively.

Women tend to take care of their bodies much more carefully than men. The way we treat our bodies is the same way we treat life, we want health and balance. Of course there are some exceptions to every rule. These are the broadest terms, but if we look at life and admit what you we are seeing, if we could only acknowledge what is so, we might find truth in this generality.

The yin and the yang are considered parts of the magnificent natural rhythms of life. These aspects are simply wonderfully that: aspects. Yet it has been said that being a man is your testing ground, your probation. In a passage from Conversations With God book 2, Neal Donald Walsh said that when you have been a man long enough, and you have suffered enough through your own childishness; when you have hurt others enough to stop your own actions and replace hate with compassion, anger with reason, always winning with no one, but losing, you may become a woman.

Once men have learned that might is not “right”; that strength is not power over but power with; that total power demands of others absolutely nothing; when you understand these things, then you may deserve to wear a woman’s body for you will at last have understood her Essence.



No Entiendo…

No entiendo como estando el mundo tan lleno de todo, carecemos de tantas cosas.

No entiendo porque si el amor  es libre, todos somos prisioneros de el.

No entiendo como quien teniendo  tanta riqueza y comida, con su infelicidad estan hambrientos y carentes de amor y calor humano.

No entiendo como es que teniendo tanta igualdad, entre los seres humanos existen tantas diferencias.

No entiendo como mientras unos parecen llorar de alegria, en realidad es de un gran dolor , y como saber si quien rie en realidad no oculta un gran dolor y que  aquel que llora lo hace de alegria?

No entiendo como es que un ciego puede lograr ver mas alla que una persona de sana vista.

No entiendo como personas que carecen de inteligencia y agilidad  mental, quizas te sabe amar mas que muchos universitarios que todo le ponen razon, y no saben escuchar al corazon.

No entiendo como una persona en silencio quizas te sabe amar mas que una que con palabras te lo trata de demostrar.

No entiendo como un cojo que no puede caminar, puede a travez de sus suenos volar, mientras aquel que puede correr al primer tropiezo no puede sus metas alcanzar. Y que tal del amigo que con la  verdad te hace llorar, a diferencia de aquel que  te hace reir con su falsedad.


Espero y les haya gustado. Pueden agregar mas “ironias”y contracciones  que no entiendo….



I don’t understand….

I don’t understand why being the world so full of all, lacks so many things.

I don’t  understand how come if love is free, we are all prisoners of love.

I don’t understand how some people, having so much wealth and food, with their unhappiness are hungry and lack love and warmth.

I don’t understand, while some seem to mourn for joy it’s actually a big pain, and how do we know if he did not really laugh? He may hide a great sorrow that fills his heart.

I don’t understand how a blind man can see beyond achieving a healthy person’s view.

I don’t understand how people who lack intelligence and mental agility, maybe  can love you more than many college graduates; who put everything right, but  do not know how to listen to the heart.

I don’t understand how a person in silence maybe  can love and say more than one that fills you with words to prove it.

I can’t understand how a cripple who cannot walk, can through his dreams fly, while those who can run the first trip cannot achieve their goals. And what about the real friend who makes you cry, unlike the one that makes you laugh with his falsehood.

I hope you all like it. Feel free to add more ironies that I don’t understand.