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Technology is NOT andragogy or pedagogy

Today, good teachers still have to perform the same old tasks: collaborate, communicate research and share resources, manage behavior and effectively deliver content. The only difference is we now have the tools to speed up the process and improve effectiveness.

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At times, I like to look up articles related to educational technology, in order to stay current with my field. I attained my MSEd almost two years ago, May 27 2014 to be exact. As technology grows extremely fast, I already feel somewhat outdated but aware about new information out there related to technology resources I would need to keep up with. Occasionally, I read about teacher’s greatest fear: Being replaced with technology. Reading such distorted information can be very entertaining. Marshall McLuhan once said: “we are so embedded in technology we can hardly see it” and these teachers still seem to not realize that we are using technology the minute we open our eyes. The truth is, our society can no longer function without technology, and some technologies have become necessities, in fact, we only notice technology with it breaks because we cannot use it. In today’s classrooms, we still…

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