Male Or Female Friendships?

Do male friendships really differ from female friendships? Is there such a happening as “friendship” between a man and a woman? Needless to mention, friendships differ. A relationship between men brings about respect, while friendship between women can be admirable. Nevertheless, friendship between a man and a woman is normally viewed with mistrust and suspicion. If we had asked people in the 1940’s whether men and women could be friends, the answer would probably be “NO.” But society has changed a lot throughout the years, and if we’d surveyed people today, we would most likely get a majority of “YES” answers.

I think the concept of friendship can be interpreted in many ways between men and women. The female friendship involves a relationship based on honesty and truth. We are inclined to open our hearts to each other, as we enjoy getting and giving advice. Men would rather do actions or activities and then talk about it. Do you know any men who enjoys talking to his friends for hours on the phone? Society can understand and accept friendship between persons of one’s own sex, but we often question and try to understand what are men looking for in their friendship with women. We often think that men just want to be friends with women because of sexual attraction and they are certainly hoping their friendship will turn into something sexual. However, studies have shown that men are also interested in friendship with women because they get a chance to talk and share, which is usually hard to do with men.

I guess we need to understand the needs of men and women friendships today. With men and women working together in different environments, there is a need for at least a business relationship. Take the case of women in politics,  getting to know their male counterparts and developing a good relationship in order to get the work done. Well, even though men are from Mars and women from Venus it doesn’t mean the sexes don’t want to understand each other. Part of the interest between men and women being friends is the curiosity about wanting to learn more about each other. We usually wonder why men behave the way the do, and men want to know what makes us happy.

Overall, I think relationships between males and females do differ from relationships with people of the same sex; this is neither better nor worse, it’s just different. It’s easier to have a friend of the same sex, but it’s more pleasant to gain a friend of an opposite sex. It’s just the way we usually look at it, however, it does not matter if it’s a male or a female on the relationship, as long as there’s respect for each other. Only time will tell how long this male/female relationship will last, if the friendship is real regardless of gender, then we’ll always win.

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