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The Importance of Digital Citizenship

“We are so embedded in technology we can hardly see it, we only notice it when it fails” Marshall McLuhan-(1989).
 I created this Prezi and presented to our literacy circle while still at Pace University based on Jason Ohler’s Book: Digital Community Digital Citizens. This amazing book summarizes the author’s perspective of digital citizenship and the importance of using technology effectively specially in the school setting. Ohler explores critical issues like cyberbullying, sexting, and how educators can help by discussing technology ethics with students. 
Notice how I’ve used a Prezi, embedded two YouTube videos, converted to MP4, using Apowersoft, ( and finally uploaded to YouTube. This was particularly challenging because Prezi does not allow conversions, however, screen casting can be done in order to upload to YouTube. I personally prefer Prezi over PowerPoint for presentations because of its zoom function, (I enjoy customizing the design) it’s web-based, (you don’t risk losing your deck) you can design your canvas based on your topic, and most importantly its free. 
My original Prezi can be found here:

YouTube Video:

Digital Citizenship

“I think, therefore I Am” Practice critical thinking and be reflective before you react. Consider the facts before you turn on your auto-pilot. “When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the loser” Socrates.