Going To School Is Awesome

Every day I ask myself why today’s youth dislike school. There is so much to learn, so many friends to make, and when you’re in school the years seem to go by too fast. I understand some kids may feel that when they go to school they are going to prison, just because they love freedom. Another reason is because either  they dislike their teacher;  because the teacher doesn’t present the material in ways that appeal best to their mind, or simply because they find it boring. Personally, have great memories from my high school years all the way to college. I thank myself each day for keeping my goal and finish my degree.

Besides the knowledge I gained and the good friends I made, education played a big role in developing my communication skills and improving my cultural understanding. From time to time I like to go back to my books and my notes; that’s when I realize how much I’ve learned. Seeing my grades and corrections from the professors it’s absolutely rewarding.The essay didn’t need to be perfect, but my efforts and eagerness to learn deserved the reward.FullSizeRender

These corrections made me comprehend and analyse written materials, a crucial skill in today’s modern jobs.By going to school kids and adults become socially literate (students learn to interact with people who are different from them) they learn to respect other people’s culture. Overall,  there are too many reasons to mention, but I can say my own reasons and goals were big enough to remind me and every person in my life  that going to school is just awesome.