awakeAbsolutely love this. Intangible qualities make us rich because there’s is no greater wealth than a quiet conscience and knowing that we have clarity and peace of mind. You can take away all material things but not my peace, nor the satisfaction of putting my heart, kindness, and authenticity in all the things I do. Be Kind, Be Rich.

The Importance of Digital Citizenship

“We are so embedded in technology we can hardly see it, we only notice it when it fails” Marshall McLuhan-(1989).
 I created this Prezi and presented to our literacy circle while still at Pace University based on Jason Ohler’s Book: Digital Community Digital Citizens. This amazing book summarizes the author’s perspective of digital citizenship and the importance of using technology effectively specially in the school setting. Ohler explores critical issues like cyberbullying, sexting, and how educators can help by discussing technology ethics with students. 
Notice how I’ve used a Prezi, embedded two YouTube videos, converted to MP4, using Apowersoft, ( and finally uploaded to YouTube. This was particularly challenging because Prezi does not allow conversions, however, screen casting can be done in order to upload to YouTube. I personally prefer Prezi over PowerPoint for presentations because of its zoom function, (I enjoy customizing the design) it’s web-based, (you don’t risk losing your deck) you can design your canvas based on your topic, and most importantly its free. 
My original Prezi can be found here:

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Digital Citizenship

“I think, therefore I Am” Practice critical thinking and be reflective before you react. Consider the facts before you turn on your auto-pilot. “When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the loser” Socrates.

Social Styles And Working with Others

I’ve always believed my success will always depend on the ability to work well with others. Not that knowledge is less important, but learning to be unique and developing good relationships with your peers will always take you far. Therefore, I thought it was important for me to learn  more about the four different types of people and how their behavior affects others in the workplace. In my opinion, learning to relate each social style can be beneficial to forge the best work relationships, and the starting point to leadership effectiveness.  According to Ericka Andersen’s book, What Are Social Styles;  It all started in the 1960s when two industrial psychologists named Roger Reid and David Merill, focused on Carl Jung’s theories, and worked together to find out behavioral styles to create highly effective managers through behavioral assessments. They were unsuccessful in these findings, however, they learned that by assessing people through assertiveness, responsiveness, and versatility they would be  able to tell how a person would likely approach tasks, build relationships with others, what their interpersonal strengths and weaknesses would be, and how that person would need to be managed as well as managed others.

I learned about the four different social styles and none of which is worst or better than any other style: Analytical, amiable, expressive, and driver. Based on people’s feedback throughout the years I realized my style is expressive. I feel good being enthusiastic, creative, and fun; to me all these are positive traits, but I also needed to learn the negative aspects of my style to help me understand and work better with others. I do prefer a small talk and a good laugh about a topic, rather  than controlling my emotions or not show sensitivity towards others.  In order to improve our relationships we don’t need to lose our essence or stop being sensitive about certain opinions. Drivers and analytical people  tend to appear more serious, however, different styles can produce the same results.

Therefore, we should excel in knowing who we really are instead of trying to be who we are not.  We’ll have to understand  and manage ourselves in order to understand and manage others. After identifying our style then we have to identify other’s in order to predict the best form of communication between the two, avoid possible conflicts, and provide some flexibility. We all need to rely on others: Managers, peers, suppliers, and more.  All day we have to communicate with others on the job in order to get results from them. The main benefit or learning each other styles is to learn to treat people how you would like to be treated. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, courtesy and acceptance regardless of their social style or personality, and do what is appropriate in any given situation or role, either to influence, facilitate, or add value to the organization we need to strive to be honest to our true-self and others, as combining integrity, adaptability and good communication is essential to become an effective leaders and role models.

I’m Not Where I Need To Be…

God has a plan for us. He decides where to place each everyone of us as he is in everything, everywhere, and in everyone at the same time; inside and outside of our universe without any limitations.Hence, everything happens for a reason and nothing should be forced to happen in the inescapable network of mutuality.

Male Or Female Friendships?

Do male friendships really differ from female friendships? Is there such a happening as “friendship” between a man and a woman? Needless to mention, friendships differ. A relationship between men brings about respect, while friendship between women can be admirable. Nevertheless, friendship between a man and a woman is normally viewed with mistrust and suspicion. If we had asked people in the 1940’s whether men and women could be friends, the answer would probably be “NO.” But society has changed a lot throughout the years, and if we’d surveyed people today, we would most likely get a majority of “YES” answers.

I think the concept of friendship can be interpreted in many ways between men and women. The female friendship involves a relationship based on honesty and truth. We are inclined to open our hearts to each other, as we enjoy getting and giving advice. Men would rather do actions or activities and then talk about it. Do you know any men who enjoys talking to his friends for hours on the phone? Society can understand and accept friendship between persons of one’s own sex, but we often question and try to understand what are men looking for in their friendship with women. We often think that men just want to be friends with women because of sexual attraction and they are certainly hoping their friendship will turn into something sexual. However, studies have shown that men are also interested in friendship with women because they get a chance to talk and share, which is usually hard to do with men.

I guess we need to understand the needs of men and women friendships today. With men and women working together in different environments, there is a need for at least a business relationship. Take the case of women in politics,  getting to know their male counterparts and developing a good relationship in order to get the work done. Well, even though men are from Mars and women from Venus it doesn’t mean the sexes don’t want to understand each other. Part of the interest between men and women being friends is the curiosity about wanting to learn more about each other. We usually wonder why men behave the way the do, and men want to know what makes us happy.

Overall, I think relationships between males and females do differ from relationships with people of the same sex; this is neither better nor worse, it’s just different. It’s easier to have a friend of the same sex, but it’s more pleasant to gain a friend of an opposite sex. It’s just the way we usually look at it, however, it does not matter if it’s a male or a female on the relationship, as long as there’s respect for each other. Only time will tell how long this male/female relationship will last, if the friendship is real regardless of gender, then we’ll always win.

Age of Maturity

I believe “true maturity” means acting responsibly; it means learning from your mistakes and trying not to make the same ones over and over, relying more on your own resources to resolve problems and challenges that arise in your everyday life,  learning to listen and respecting other’s opinions is another example. In my younger days, I would have an answer for everything, regardless if I was right or wrong, I would not listen to others.

Maturing means sacrificing play when there is work to be done. Just like about everything, maturing is relative, for example, you want your relatives to act maturely, but you want to live it up and be carefree. My view is that after you’ve paid the bills and put food on the table, go out and do something wild…while you still can.


This is heartbreaking. I can’t understand why this things still happen. It’s almost 2017, but schools anti-bullying programs aren’t enough, parents need to stop relying on schools only to educate their kids; this bullying behavior is not a “school-only” problem. Honest conversations are missing from many families all because they think this won’t happen to their child, or they can’t even understand themselves the severity of this problem. Parents: Stop addressing education in one space and not the other.

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow is another day. That’s what we always say when problems unsolved do not go away. A sleepless night can be one of the reasons why we use this well-known saying. Usually when we use this expression we have a reason to say it, and that’s because we are expecting something better to happen  the next day, which has a lot to do with hope. Have you ever had dreams or goals you aspired to, that you thought would never happen? Have you lost your hope when those dreams didn’t materialize right away, or  situations in your life did not go the right way as anticipated?


I’ve had many hopes in my life, and with patience and prayers to our good lord, I have kept those hopes alive.  Therefore, I feel most of my dreams, aspirations, and goals have at least been pursued to this day. One of my first dreams was to ask the lord to not let me worry about little things such as negative situations when having a bad day. Instead, I pray the lord for big things to happen, because achieving my goals is a big deal to me. In short, we have to stay positive no matter what or who tries to bring us down, or go against your dreams is my number one advice; not letting anyone take away your hope in life, if this happens, consider it a sign of failure. Therefore, f you pursue your aspirations and commit yourself to the “I can do it” attitude great things will happen, consider yourself successful.