Going To School Is Awesome

Every day I ask myself why today’s youth dislike school. There is so much to learn, so many friends to make, and when you’re in school the years seem to go by too fast. I understand some kids may feel that when they go to school they are going to prison, just because they love freedom. Another reason is because either  they dislike their teacher;  because the teacher doesn’t present the material in ways that appeal best to their mind, or simply because they find it boring. Personally, have great memories from my high school years all the way to college. I thank myself each day for keeping my goal and finish my degree.

Besides the knowledge I gained and the good friends I made, education played a big role in developing my communication skills and improving my cultural understanding. From time to time I like to go back to my books and my notes; that’s when I realize how much I’ve learned. Seeing my grades and corrections from the professors it’s absolutely rewarding.The essay didn’t need to be perfect, but my efforts and eagerness to learn deserved the reward.FullSizeRender

These corrections made me comprehend and analyse written materials, a crucial skill in today’s modern jobs.By going to school kids and adults become socially literate (students learn to interact with people who are different from them) they learn to respect other people’s culture. Overall,  there are too many reasons to mention, but I can say my own reasons and goals were big enough to remind me and every person in my life  that going to school is just awesome.

Technology is NOT andragogy or pedagogy

Today, good teachers still have to perform the same old tasks: collaborate, communicate research and share resources, manage behavior and effectively deliver content. The only difference is we now have the tools to speed up the process and improve effectiveness.

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At times, I like to look up articles related to educational technology, in order to stay current with my field. I attained my MSEd almost two years ago, May 27 2014 to be exact. As technology grows extremely fast, I already feel somewhat outdated but aware about new information out there related to technology resources I would need to keep up with. Occasionally, I read about teacher’s greatest fear: Being replaced with technology. Reading such distorted information can be very entertaining. Marshall McLuhan once said: “we are so embedded in technology we can hardly see it” and these teachers still seem to not realize that we are using technology the minute we open our eyes. The truth is, our society can no longer function without technology, and some technologies have become necessities, in fact, we only notice technology with it breaks because we cannot use it. In today’s classrooms, we still…

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Online Branding. Don’t Kill Your Business

 While it’s obvious that today’s generation is doing a fantastic job marketing their brand throughout Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and probably many other apps; Sometimes I feel that online users need advice when trying to brand themselves or their product on social media. let me dare to tell you that by filling your social network sites with the same content you may be just be putting friends to sleep. Besides gaining more followers, you are also taking the chance of getting the same followers angry enough to avoid the entire brand completely.  Almost everyone I know, including myself, tend to post the same information across all three or four sites. I think this is a fast way to lose interest in your brand. Nevertheless, I’ve also notice how some celebrities are doing a great job with Social Media. They’ve learned that every platform is different. Some of them are setting a great example; they choose every platform to post different photos and messages. For instance, Instagram is used for magnificent photo shots and great fashion images, while on Facebook they tell a different story. They use Facebook links for Fan page reviews, to promote local events and more. LinkedIn clearly helps you build and engage your professional network and access insights and opportunities. In short, we don’t want to see the same information everywhere!social

Some celebrities have built or enhanced their careers through social media. Taylor Swift is one of them, who according to US Magazine, is the “Queen of Instagram. She currently has almost 100 million followers, and counting. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/taylor-swift-tops-kim-kardashian-beyonce-with-50-million-instagram-2015810

With that said, let me urge you to learn the correct use of social media, and understand what each platform is all about, that way you can get the most out of each one of these apps.  It’s extremely important to keep some of these tips in mind when hitting the Post button:

-Don’t be overly promotional or use too much jargon,  People will get tired of seeing the same ads or reading fancy words regardless of how great this news is.

-Get personal and connect with your followers. This can be difficult, but it’s not just about engaging with your audience, but making contact with the right people who will really connect with you.

-Craft a story. It’s not all about advertising, but about telling your followers what that picture really means to you. It’s a great way for people to know your truth, and gives you the opportunity to respond to rumors.

Don’t disappear for weeks. If you are not sure of how many post per day is enough for your brand, I can tell you that this really depends on your business. Every business is different and so is every audience. Facebook offers Post Scheduling based on your brand. To schedule a post: Create your post at the top of your page’s timeline, click publish, select Schedule post, choose the date and time you with these post to be published, and click Schedule.

Just A Thought….

The problem with mankind is that every time there’s an issue around the globe, the first that comes to mind is skin color. We believe everything is racism. We still think our problems are based on where we’re from or what we are. Are they black, are they white, Hispanic, or Asian? By doing that we are just closing our own perspectives and even covering our own solutions. We forget we are just one; just humans, the human race and nothing else. We go beyond color, culture, money and anything our eyes can see. When mankind reaches that deep level of understanding and ignore the tangible, concentrate on intangible qualities then we’ll know the power of the mind. Mankind has evolved, adapted, survived and learned, but our most precious power is in there, in our minds. We take for granted all the beautiful emotions given to us, and instead we feel hate, jealousy or hypocrisy; traits we’ll have to overcome in order to achieve a higher level of thinking and acknowledge real mankind evolution.

Social Media: Spreading Lifesaving Messages

Have you ever thought  about making a positive contribution to the world? Today, there are so many ways to change people’s life and “be the change you wish to see in this world” but most of the time we have no idea how to start. In order to create an impact in society, there’s a couple of things we should think about. First of all, we’ll need to focus on the challenges we’ll encounter while attempting to make a change. We have to educate ourselves, and be aware that regardless of our passion, we will not be able to solve all the problems in the world and that we should focus on one problem just to begin with. Technology and social media have already revolutionized the way we communicate, social media in particular has transformed our world in terms of communication and creativity, but what if we use social media to create or use something that can save lives? Most of us are already  overwhelmed with the excessive use of social apps, even if you are not into technology and work in a different field,  I can assure that just like me, you have countless applications you rarely use taking space on your mobile device. Therefore, why not use social media and mobility wisely; in a way we can help others across the globe?  Just remember the old tagline “There’s an app for that.”

If we search online, we’ll probably find tons of applications  we can use to save lives. However, Facebook Safety Check tool was one that recently caught my attention. If you think about it, we  are basically using Facebook all day, we get notifications such as friend requests, comments and more, but i’m sure not many people know about turning on the Safety Check tool in case of an emergency. Back in 2011, Japan was devastated by an earthquake and Tsunami; these events led to Japanese engineers think about useful tools to allow people communicate during the disaster. It all started in Japan Japan Tsunami, but it’s now available worldwide. If a disaster hits  your area, the tool will activate and you can let your friends and family know you are save. The service attempts to detect your location via Facebook’s “Nearby Friends” tool, the city listed in your profile, or where you’ve recently logged in. It then sends a push notification asking if you are okay, and if if you respond “yes,” friends and family will be notified via their Facebook News Feeds.


Amazing right? Besides Facebook, hospital rescue workers get alerts on their smartphones in case of emergency and cardiac arrests in order to indicate the first respondents in several communities across  the country who are trained for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, at least until  the professionals arrive. This application is called PulsePoint developed through collaboration between the district and Northern Kentucky University. Cardiac arrests, are an emergency, and if not treated quickly, it normally leads to death just within minutes.


In my opinion, this is revolutionary. As an active social media user, I think It’s an incredible accomplishment for social media empowerment. The apps mentioned above are just two of the many mobile collaborative apps  people can benefit from. These apps that can help us save lives, and by promoting them you are making a huge contribution to the world since most people using social media are not even aware of their existence. Helping save lives by using these apps means you are already creating an impact to the world, it means you are engaged and you want to help your community. Let’s just keep in mind that social media is much more than just for fun, network, and advertisement, so when it comes to creating or promoting social media to save a life, the sky is the limit.

Why women talk less

language: a feminist guide

This week on Newsnight, Evan Davis talked to three women about all-male panels—a subject made topical by the recent popularity of a tumblr set up to name and shame them. Why, he asked, are women so often un- or under-represented in public forums? Are they reluctant to put themselves forward? Are they deterred by the adversarial nature of the proceedings?

The women offered some alternative suggestions. Women don’t get asked, or if they do it’s assumed you only need one. Women aren’t seen as experts, unless the subject is a ‘women’s issue’. The age-old prejudice against women speaking in public means that any woman who dares to voice her opinions can expect to be deluged with abuse and threats.

But while all-male panels are obviously a problem, they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Just ensuring that women are represented on a panel does not guarantee their voices will…

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