Long Distance Relationships

I believe love is the most powerful thing in the world, really it is. There is so much need for love nowadays that unconsciously, people find all kind of ways to love and be loved. People got different ways to show their feelings, emotions, and their need for love,however, there’s some people who don’t like or maybe don’t know how to express their feelings and open their hearts;  maybe because they are afraid of being hurt or rejected.

 As a result of the Web  technology, which has facilitated our ways to make new friends all over the world through social networking sites, we can now have the alternative to communicate with others in such a way that we are not afraid of being rejected, because that person on the other side does not really know our true feelings, but we can also find true friends and maybe even find our true love, and not necessarily close to our homes. The million dollar question is: Does that really works? Can people actually make it happen? Or may we actually end up suffering more than before? I think that what  starts  as a game can actually become very painful and I rather avoid them.

 On the other hand, some people do not want to hear that, because they feel they found their true love overseas; and keep finding solutions to make it work. If that is the case, and there’s very close bonds between the two parties, then i think communication is the key. For people who think they can deal without physical contact,  long distance relationship might work just fine. Furthermore, there needs to be a true connection, deep trust, and deep patience. Good luck to those who are trying to make it work.

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