My Quotes

Speak Your Mind

If we could just learn to open our beautiful minds to have discussions, and not arguments; disagreements and not insults, resolutions and not just solutions, and to communicate effectively (speak up), not only we will increase our level of understanding, but will live HAPPILY, and have positive outcomes in our lives.

Our Greatest Competitor

Competing against other people is not the biggest challenge we face for winning, trust me, is not. We humans are always in state of creation, therefore we have the ability to re-invent an improved version of ourselves. Our greatest challenge would be to show ourselves how well we do it, I believe that’s our purpose, and each and one of us business.

Learning To Say NO

We sometimes project the wrong message about who we are to others by saying yes to every situation they push us through, just because we aren’t capable of saying no and are afraid to lose them or hurt them, when in reality we just want to make them happy. Consequently, people may think you agree with everything and take us for granted, when deep inside this is not really how you wanted things done. The word ‘no’ is a difficult artistic strategy.

Be Yourself

Being conscious about what we are not, and what we do not know can empower us to seek the truth. Be honest, have compassion and perseverance, and be yourself, whoever you are.