On The Bus


I was on my way home,  and  waiting for the 440 bus on the Journal Square station of Jersey City around 9:00 pm. It had been a very cold day, the station was lonely, and I was only accompanied by a lady in her mid 50s.  In spite of being hungry and extremely tired from the long day I had today, I tried to stay alert  and out of any possible unsafe situation. As a group of teenagers approached, one staring at the lady as if he was trying to intimidate her, I quickly put away my cell phone and the first thing that crossed my mind was to pretend I was with the lady and started a conversation. Their sagging pants falling out, belts around the hips and under their bottoms, they were smoking cigarettes (or something that looked like a cigarette) oh, and that funny walk, but they kept walking, and our conversation followed like this:

Lady: Did you see that!?! Why was he looking at me that way? Was he trying of scare me!? I am so glad you were here!

Me: I did, I get scared as well, and it’s the reason why I came to you!

Lady: What is going on in the world?!? What is going on with society!? Why are these young kids acting this way!?

Me: I was asking myself the same question when I saw these little kids rollerblading in the bus stop. Where are their parents? Why can’t they get engaged in school? What are they lacking?

Lady: They want to look tough, show the other kids they are not scared, when in reality some of them are shy. Do they want to prove something to themselves? When I was growing up society was not like today, families were united, and kids listened to their parents.

Me: One reason is there are too many single mothers out there; it is really hard to raise a child by themselves. Teaching good values is not enough for some kids, they pick up what they get from their parents as they grow up, parents are “supposed” to be role models to them, and if they don’t see that, they’ll use that as an excuse to go out there and blame their parents for their failures. I think is a combination of everything, they need balance, we all do throughout our lives but we can’t blame nobody for what we have or do not have, it’s all up to ourselves.

Lady: You are right, but I will tell you what today’s society is lacking: spirituality. Back in the days we feared God, back in the days we were taught to pray, to have faith, to respect. We all need to do something!  Talk to people, those with resources, and us. We need to try to save these kids and have a better society tomorrow. This society is desperately in need of God…and love.

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