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Online Branding. Don’t Kill Your Business

 While it’s obvious that today’s generation is doing a fantastic job marketing their brand throughout Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and probably many other apps; Sometimes I feel that online users need advice when trying to brand themselves or their product on social media. let me dare to tell you that by filling your social network sites with the same content you may be just be putting friends to sleep. Besides gaining more followers, you are also taking the chance of getting the same followers angry enough to avoid the entire brand completely.  Almost everyone I know, including myself, tend to post the same information across all three or four sites. I think this is a fast way to lose interest in your brand. Nevertheless, I’ve also notice how some celebrities are doing a great job with Social Media. They’ve learned that every platform is different. Some of them are setting a great example; they choose every platform to post different photos and messages. For instance, Instagram is used for magnificent photo shots and great fashion images, while on Facebook they tell a different story. They use Facebook links for Fan page reviews, to promote local events and more. LinkedIn clearly helps you build and engage your professional network and access insights and opportunities. In short, we don’t want to see the same information everywhere!social

Some celebrities have built or enhanced their careers through social media. Taylor Swift is one of them, who according to US Magazine, is the “Queen of Instagram. She currently has almost 100 million followers, and counting. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/taylor-swift-tops-kim-kardashian-beyonce-with-50-million-instagram-2015810

With that said, let me urge you to learn the correct use of social media, and understand what each platform is all about, that way you can get the most out of each one of these apps.  It’s extremely important to keep some of these tips in mind when hitting the Post button:

-Don’t be overly promotional or use too much jargon,  People will get tired of seeing the same ads or reading fancy words regardless of how great this news is.

-Get personal and connect with your followers. This can be difficult, but it’s not just about engaging with your audience, but making contact with the right people who will really connect with you.

-Craft a story. It’s not all about advertising, but about telling your followers what that picture really means to you. It’s a great way for people to know your truth, and gives you the opportunity to respond to rumors.

Don’t disappear for weeks. If you are not sure of how many post per day is enough for your brand, I can tell you that this really depends on your business. Every business is different and so is every audience. Facebook offers Post Scheduling based on your brand. To schedule a post: Create your post at the top of your page’s timeline, click publish, select Schedule post, choose the date and time you with these post to be published, and click Schedule.