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I don’t understand….

I don’t understand why being the world so full of all, lacks so many things.

I don’t  understand how come if love is free, we are all prisoners of love.

I don’t understand how some people, having so much wealth and food, with their unhappiness are hungry and lack love and warmth.

I don’t understand, while some seem to mourn for joy it’s actually a big pain, and how do we know if he did not really laugh? He may hide a great sorrow that fills his heart.

I don’t understand how a blind man can see beyond achieving a healthy person’s view.

I don’t understand how people who lack intelligence and mental agility, maybe  can love you more than many college graduates; who put everything right, but  do not know how to listen to the heart.

I don’t understand how a person in silence maybe  can love and say more than one that fills you with words to prove it.

I can’t understand how a cripple who cannot walk, can through his dreams fly, while those who can run the first trip cannot achieve their goals. And what about the real friend who makes you cry, unlike the one that makes you laugh with his falsehood.

I hope you all like it. Feel free to add more ironies that I don’t understand.